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Tree Surveying

As arboricultural consultants and landscape architects we can provide a complete service ranging from initial advice, surveys, specifications, budget costs, site supervision, advice on landscape contractors and sourcing of trees and shrubs from nurseries.

Areas of arboricultural consultancy we support include:

  • Planning Applications
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Woodland Management
  • Tree Planting
  • Hedgerow Relocation
  • Mortgage Surveys

Planning Applications

When proposals may affect trees growing within or adjacent to your site, a professional tree survey to BS 5837 (2012) is required.

Tree Constraints Plan

The main purpose of this type of tree survey is to identify the quality of trees on the site and where their canopies and roots extend to. A Tree Constraints Plan identifies early on in the design process which trees should be retained and where trees have serious structural defects or are dead or dying. Recommendations for tree surgery or removal are provided.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Once design proposals are drafted, this stage reviews the impact that the proposals will have on the trees to be retained and recommends mitigation measures.

Arboricultural Method Statement

Once the design proposals are finalised, a statement advises how to ensure that retained trees are not damaged. A Tree Protection Plan is drawn up to show how the retained trees will be protected during the construction phase, through the use of protective fencing, and topsoil and subsoil measures to ensure imported or site won soils are fit for purpose.

Tree Hazard Assessment

We have undertaken hazard assessments at a range of scales, from individual trees in private gardens to strategic surveys of estates and woodlands. Examples include:

  • Wye Valley(Natural Resources Wales)
  • Herefordshire schools(series of 50 schools)
  • Brecon Cemetery
  • Hereford Cemetery
  • Pembrokeshire estates
  • Symmonds Yat (Woodland Trust)
  • Great Triley, Abergavenny (Woodland Trust)
  • Wentwood (Woodland Trust)
  • Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal (Newport City Council)
  • Sheltered Housing sites (Newport City Council)

Woodland Management

Cradoc Court, Herefordshire (Client: private developer)

Woodland management plan for native woodland alongside the River Wye and within the AONB.

Bryngarw Country Park (Client: Bridgend County Borough Council)

Master plan and action plan for the parkland and woodland which includes a grade II Registered Park and Garden

Tree Planting

Replacement tree and hedgerow planting may be a planning requirement.

We can provide planting plans, specifications, budget costs, advice on landscape contractors and on the sourcing of trees and shrubs from nurseries.

Hedgerow Relocation

Where hedgerows are important to retain but require relocation often to meet access or visibility standards, we can provide specifications, budget costs, advice on landscape contractors, and site supervision.